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Do you have particular requirements? Do you need local applications assistance and custom engineering?
Does your application require more than standard variable speed motors?
Do you need a reliable partner who guarantees valid and effective solutions, personalized to meet your requirements?
If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, it’s time to contact our Drive system Center.

Our Company profile


SISTEL was born in 1989 and right distinguished itself for the quality of its electrical and electronic systems to be installed at the border of machines for the sheet metal working. Always careful to the needs of its customers, SISTEL works with some of the most important and advanced manufacturers of machines for sheet metal, succeeding in this way to meet promptly with the information back from the market which, in combination with the experience and the know-how, allow the company to satisfy the needs of the customers.


Our Drive System Center is staffed with application and control engineers who have extensive experience with high-performance drives, digital drive systems, operator interface and programmable controls. With extensive application knowledge and the latest technology at their fingertips, you can count on them to analyze your problem and custom design a cost-effective system solution.


Our Drive System Center is able to propose many alternatives in relation to your preferences for the automation of your application. Our equipments are cabled with the best world-class Brands of automation as Siemens, Rockwell e ABB, that guarantee reliability, state of the art solutions and availability worldwide.


The constant diligence in the search for solutions always more oriented to the quality and the conviction that the customer is the partner to confront with daily, has brought the company to adopt a system of management for the quality, certified according to the ISO 9001, objective towards which all the company structure is engaged with the clear conviction that only with an effectively applied management system for the quality will be possible to deal with a market increasingly demanding and determinate, and with the certainty to facilitate and involve the collaborators in an efficient organization oriented to the continuous improvement.


sistel-sistemi-elettrici-ed-elettronici-automazione-attrezzature-lavorazione-alluminio-03SISTEL is located in Cremella, 20 km from Lecco Italy

The systems integrate their offices for automation engineering department with a mounting and wiring panels. Our engineers automation, electronics and software have extensive experience and are totally dedicated to the development of automation solutions for our finishing lines for many years.

The assembly plant SISTEL 1500 square meters of covered area allows you to develop within all our packages and software engineering and the production of electrical switchboards and control panels, custom-made according to the most stringent requirements of our customers. Intensive programs of education are carried out on a frequent basis with the participation of the technicians of our customers and cover various fields of interest, such as PLC programming, parameterization of drives, HMI, special applications, troubleshooting problems, etc..

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