Integrated Solutions

Technical Services for Automation and Control systems

SISTEL offers a complete range of electrical equipment and automation services related to process control and monitoring systems. These services are driven by modern trends in industrial automation and concepts of totally integrated systems using the best brand’s products on the market as Siemens, Rockwell and ABB.

SISTEL is able to provide engineering services which cover the entire working process of our customers’ installation; our technicians make up a team which can provide consultancy, project delivery and site services across a wide range of sheet metal working installations, ensuring that our costumer’s production systems are tightly integrated with their factory process computer systems for optimal productivity and efficiency.

The projects can be implemented both in Italy and throughout the world; we have been offering control systems equipments and advanced engineering solutions for over 20 years from system concept to commissioning and onsite support.



sistel-sistemi-elettrici-ed-elettronici-automazione-attrezzature-lavorazione-alluminio-services- Project estimation and management
- System design and documentation
- Software localization
- PLC programming
- SCADA-System programming
- Equipment assembly and installation
- System Start-Up
- Software modifications to PLC, HMI, SCADA
- Technical support
- Training of operators
- System maintenance

Our experience encompasses process and machine control, data acquisition and information management, and material handling control systems.


sistel-sistemi-elettrici-ed-elettronici-automazione-attrezzature-lavorazione-alluminio-automation-controlThe right drive with the right features

Reaching the highest performances with regard to power, torque, availability, communications and diagnostics capabilities is our goal; SISTEL’s technicians are able to recommend the correct drive system to fit as many applications as required by our customers integrating it also in existing plants.


sistel-sistemi-elettrici-ed-elettronici-automazione-attrezzature-lavorazione-alluminio-electrical-automationImproving output and quality, reducing maintenance and operating costs.

- Complete electrical equipment, medium voltage cells, transformers, motors, motor control centres, control desks and panels, field devices, etc.

- Basic level 1 Automation, comprising control PLCs and operation/display HMIs, in local or general (Ethernet) topologies.

- Level 2 Process Automation, with advanced product follow-up control, quality evaluation, coil optimization, etc.


sistel-sistemi-elettrici-ed-elettronici-automazione-attrezzature-lavorazione-alluminio-funzioni-specificheAutomation – calculation – Supervision – Connection:

- Automating operation sequential for the various sections of the line

- Calculation functions (coil width, coil diameter, radius, thickness, length, positions, etc.)

- Supervisory functions and automatic generation of alarms.

- Connection with other levels and the operators of the plant.