Successful and efficient project management always means optimum use of potential for the given circumstances, that’s what we believe in. SISTEL is committed to ensuring that its customers receive the most cost-effective, tailor-made solutions for their industrial requirements.

The project manager takes overall responsibility and, is aware of the customer’s needs and how far implementation of the project has progressed. SISTEL project structure therefore provides the conditions to make efficient use of time through the intelligent networking of all project phases right from the start.


The electrical instalation supply includes mainly the following services:

  • Installation coordination and supervision.
  • Basic installation engineering including user manuals and drawings.
  • Cable routing layout drawings.
  • Supply and layout of power, control and instrumentation cables.
  • Supply of installation material.
  • Installation of electrical panels and equipment.
  • Supply of cabinets, panels, and control desks.


SISTEL guarantees a professional start-up of the line with the expertise and dedication of our technicians that will carry out all the necessary verification and functional testing of the total system to put the line in condition to start the production.

The commissioning is the phase in which our technicians ensure that the equipment and system components are performing as designed; the engineering definition, equipment construction, software elaboration control, factory tests and installation have to be undertaken prior to commissioning. The tests are carried out using the most advanced supervision and configuration tools and together with software validation guarantee optimum quality commissioning.


The productivity is the amount of output per unit of input, such as the quantity of a product produced per hour of capital employed. In today’s competitive market, having the highest productivity possible is more important than ever. Our On-site Training during start-up and commissioning will improve our customers’ machine operators skills, system reliability and risk management.

We have the resources required to train our customers’ personnel. Training can be carried out at our workshop or at the customer’s premises.

On-site training: Operation and maintenance.

SISTEL will place at the customer’s disposal one of our technicians to teach and to assist the Operation and Maintenance personnel, during the first operative week of the Line.
The On-site training will contemplate the following items:

  • Detailed description of all the equipments, their operation and maintenance.
  • Operation advices.
  • Main console: screens description.
  • Machine adjustments and calibrations.
  • Predictive and corrective maintenance, fault finder and repair exercises.
  • Substitution of damaged parts.
  • Configuration software management.
  • Detailed description of the application software for each case.

Complete documentation will be given, corresponding to topics reviewed during the training, and any other additional document that SISTEL feels convenient, in order to have a better knowledge of the equipment.


SISTEL provides the after-sale services best suited to the customer’s specific requirements as mechanical/electrical engineering services, scheduled inspections, preventive maintenance, remote monitoring, replacement parts programs and incentives. Depending on the assessment of the after-sale service requirements SISTEL is able to offer the right resource to solve problems that might occur and improving the performance of the plants through various service options.


SISTEL will give a list of spare parts for a period of two years under normal operation and a list of special tools for operation and maintenance; it is also included a list of proposed commercial elements, which could be normally purchased on the market by the Customer.


Remote technical assistance carried out through telematic communications channels.

Using state-of-the-art telecommunication resources, directly from our offices or anywhere in the world, we are able to connect, directly with our customer’s installations, accessing the installation’s control, supervision and diagnosis systems (Automation Units, HMI, Register, etc.).

With this tool we can provide a faster service, avoiding the need of having technical personnel travel to the locations where assistance is required. This saves costs since travelling expenses are eliminated.